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    Application of integral-separation PID control algorithm in PLC-based tension control system
    LI Ge;JIA Yuanwu;ZHANG Hua;ZHAO Yun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (8): 109-112.  
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    The wrap-up tension system adopts traditional control results in integral calculus backlog of controller,control quantity exceeding the limit,system bigger overshoot,or even a system surge,this is absolutely not allowed in production.Therefore,the integral-separation control algorithm is applied to programming controller to control tension.When compared with conventional control algorithm,it improves control performance effectively.It is simulated by MatLab with built-in Simulink software package.The subsystem package of integral-separation is accomplished and the simulation model of tension control system established.The results of simulation indicated that this method improves the accuracy and efficiency greatly,reduces the overshoot and is highly valued for engineering application.
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    Advances in dyeing and printing wastewater treatment technologies
    LIU Meihong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (1): 116-119.  
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    This paper introduces the current status and developments of the typical treatment technologies of dyeing and printing wastewater(DPW),including physical-chemical,chemical,and microbial processes with focuses on the mechanism,result of treatment,and merits and drawbacks of each process.According to the characteristics of the dyeing and printing wastewater,thorough treatment of the wastewater can be accomplished through the hybrid of different processes.The hybrid method based on microbial process has gradually become the main technology for the treatment of the dyeing and printing wastewater.
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    Primary properties of basalt continuous filament
    CUI Yi-hua
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (5): 120-121.  
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    The composition,physical and chemical properties of basalt continuous filament are investigated,providing a reference basis for developing a new generation of industrial textiles.
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    3D computer simulation of woven fabric
    ZHANG Rui-yun;HUANG Xin-lin;LI Ru-qin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (1): 62-63.  
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    Based on the model of Peirce and the knowled ge of fabric weave,the yarn of 3D fabric structure is located,which helps that 3 D fabric structural model is fit to real fabric.With the tools of Visual C++ and Open GL,computer fabric 3D simulation is realized,taking the factor of fabric l ight and materials into 3D structural model.
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    Luminescence properties of rare-earth strontium aluminate luminescent fiber
    ZHAO Jumei;GUO Xuefeng;XU Yanna;GE Mingqiao
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (11): 1-5.  
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    The crystal phase structure of rare-earth strontium aluminate luminescent fiber was tested by XRD,and the spectroscopic properties were analyzed by fluorescence spectrophotometer.At the same time,the storage and luminescent rules at different exciting illuminances and exciting time were measured.The experimental results indicated that the crystal phase structure and spectroscopic properties of luminescent materials were not changed by the making process of fiber;the luminescence properties of luminescent fiber were originated from the 4f()~65d~1→4f()~7 transition of Eu~(2+);the illuminance intensity of luminescent fiber was saturated after about several seconds to two minutes of lighting,the saturation value and the time to reach this value were decided by the intensity of exciting light;afterglow decay was composed of rapid-decaying and slow-decaying processes,and this was caused by the different depths of defect energy level in the materials.
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    Structures and performances of the kapok fiber
    XIAO Hong;YU Wei-dong;SHI Mei-wu
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (4): 4-6.  
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    The structures and performances of the native kapok fibers were studied.The kapok fiber has thin wall and huge lumen,the hollow ratio can reach 97%.One end of the fiber tapers to one point and is closed,and the other end is bulbous shape and may be closed tightly.The bulk density of the fiber is 0^30 g/cm3.The kapok fiber mainly consists of cellulose and lignin,the crystallization degree is 35^90% and the specific birefringence is 0^017.The structure of the cell wall is looser than that of cotton.The fiber is good heat-resistant,which decomposing temperature is 296 ℃. The fiber stops decomposing and happens carbonizing at 354 ℃.
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    Progress of study on pressure comfort of clothing
    MENG Xiang-ling;ZHANG Wei-yuan
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (7): 109-112.  
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    Clothing comfort involves three potential independent factors,i.e.,thermal & moisture comfort,tactile comfort and pressure comfort.Being a component of the entire comfort of clothing,pressure comfort plays a positive effect. From the medicinal viewpoint,it is obvious that excessive clothing pressure will be harmful to human′s health.So,fabric and clothing should be so designed that they satisfy the needs of man′s fundamental action.The study on pressure comfort of clothing is a relative new field.This paper discusses the research scope of clothing pressure comfort,the principle of clothing pressure formation and the relationship between fitting and clothing comfort.Furthermore,it describes the subjective and objective methods of evaluating the garment pressure comfort,and the progress of research on this area at home and broad.The significance and foreground of this research topic are also analyzed.
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    Research on subdividing of female breast shapes based on 3-D body measurement
    CHANG Li-xia;ZHANG Xin;QI Jing
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (12): 21-24.  
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    Subdivision of body shape is the foundation for digital processing and marketing of garments.Breast shape is the critical factor influencing the fitness and comfort of women′s wear.In order to provide a scientific basis for preparing and perfecting women garment size systems,it is necessity to make a subdividing evaluation of female breast shapes.For this reason,270 young ladies,aged from 18 to 30,born and grown up in the west part of China,were measured by means of the 3-D Interactive Body Scanning Instrument(TecMath).The statistic data of the measurements were processed and analyzed,and according to the characteristic indexes,the female breast shapes were subdivided into 9 types.This provides technological parameter for designing the bras,intimate and made-to-measure(MTM) garments.
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    Comparison of hypsometry and goniometry in contact angle measurement
    DU Wenqin;WU Yingzhu
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (7): 29-32.  
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    It is more precise to characterize the repellency of the fabric by contact angle.The method of measuring the contact angles between a droplet and fabric is one of the most commonly methods,whereas hypsometry and goniometry are most commonly used methods in the measurement of an angle.It is found through actual tests that these two methods results in larger measurement error,and its cause remains unknown yet.In this paper,the principle and error of these two methods were analyzed and compared theoretically.Meanwhile,the measurement error of contact angles caused by the measurement error of droplet height,the bottom diameter of droplet and the turning error of protractor were discussed.Verification experiments were performed and the results obtained are coincident with the theory.Finally,hypsometry is proved to be more precise,faster and more convenient.
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    Study of pressure comfort of brassiere
    WANG Lizhuo;CHEN Dongsheng
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (4): 134-138.  
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    This paper addressed the current techniques for breast measurements,and the structure and classification of brassiere with focus on the domestic and oversea researches on the brassiere pressure comfort along with the breast shape features of the Chinese female.The results of research can help the female choose more suitable brassiere,protect the breast and reduce pain feel during lactation or sports.In medical field,it is significant that appropriate brassiere pressure can rectify the shape of breast,promote the cure of breast wound and abate symptoms.
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    Three-dimensional computer simulation of plain weft knitted fabric
    LIU Su;LONG Hairu
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (12): 41-44.  
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    In order to explore a new method of computer simulation on plain weft knitted fabric and to show its real three-dimensional structure, based on Pierce′s 2-D weft knitted loop model and the feature of knit geometry configuration in space,a 3-D geometry loop model is constructed.Comprising several spatial arcs and curves represented by parameter equations,the model is implemented under the(VC++) programming circumstance by OpenGL drawing program and the spheroid technique in its library functions.The result of research and computer simulation indicate that the modeling and implementing method can give vivid effect of plain knitted fabric with 3-D intermeshed loops without the need of concealment processing.
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    Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the structure and properties of cotton fibers
    WANG Lan;JIANG Zhi-xin;YAN Jun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (10): 77-79.  
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    The effects of ultrasonic treatment on the morphology,crystalline morphology,thermal performance and mechanical properties of cotton fibers were tested and investigated through X-ray diffraction(XRD),thermal gravimetric analysis(TGA),scanning electron microscope(SEM) and etc.with an attempt to set a theoretical basis for the application of ultrasonic treatment to dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics.The experimental results indicated that ultrasonic treatment alters the morphology of cotton fiber,makes the natural curvature inherent to the fiber disappeared and the fiber surface rougher.The crystallinity and crystal size decrease and the thermal stability falls due to its reduced thermal pyrolysis temperature.Moreover,its breaking strength is reduced but the breaking extension improved.
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    Advances in antimicrobial finishing for textiles based on silver
    XING Yanjun;SONG Yang;JI Youmei;DAI Jinjin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (4): 127-133.  
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    Due to its broad-spectrum and high antimicrobial activity,low drug resistance and dermal irritation,the silver-based antimicrobial textile has attracted more attentions.The safety,antimicrobial performance,antibacterial mechanism of silver antimicrobial agent,preparation of silver-based antimicrobial fiber and fabric,assessment of antimicrobial performance and the existing problems were discussed in this paper with emphasis on the antimicrobial performance,advantages and disadvantages of silver with different valences.The antimicrobial fibers and fabrics on home and world markets were summarized and compared.The future direction for the silver-based antimicrobial textiles is to further study and develop more photo-stable and cheaper silver antimicrobial agents.
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    Research status of banana fiber and its prospect of development and application
    XIONG Yuelin;CUI Yunhua
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (9): 122-124.  
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    The paper makes a review of the resources,constituent,microscopic structure,physical properties,manufacturing process,and product development of banana fiber,and analyzes the weak points of banana fiber in product development when compared with other bast fibers.The main aspects deserve special attentions in the product development of the fiber is given.It is believed that the banana fiber has a great potential in development and application in textile industry.
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    Relationship between garment pressure and human body comfortableness
    SONG Xiao-xia;FENG Xun-wei
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (3): 103-105.  
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    An overview of garment pressure addressed the relationship between garment pressure and human body comfortableness,the theoretical basis on garment pressure and previous study,introduction of studies which made great contributions in this scientific field and measurement of garment pressure.How to build up 3D dynamic garment pressure distribution model using numeric simulating method is explicated.
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    Manufacture and property of multi-functional nano-titanium dioxide finishing agents for fabric
    DENG Hua;ZHANG Ji-mei;LI Xiu-ming;LI He;TANG Wan-sheng
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (3): 92-94.  
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    Nano-titanium dioxide finishing agents were prepared by sol-gel method and used for multi-functional treatment of cotton fabrics by dip-padding technique.The results show that fabrics treated with the finishing agent had excellent UV resistance,increased UPF,and good soaping fastness.In addition,it had good anti-bacterial property with bacterial inactivation rate over 80%.It was observed that the fabric texture and TiO2 concentration had an impact on the result of the finishing,higher the TiO2 concentration and denser the fabric texture,better the UV resistance and anti-bacterial property.
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    Study on dyeing properties of PLA fiber with disperse dyes
    QIAN Hong-fei;ZHANG Fang
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (1): 13-16.  
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    The glass transition temperature was known through the measurement of DSC scan o f PLA fiber.The curve reflected the relation between the dye up-take and dyeing temperature for three disperse dyes with different chemi cal structure, the results show that the optimum temperature of dyeing is 110 ℃.In addition, based on the dyeing characteristic of PLA fiber with 12 kinds of disperse dyes,i t can be concluded that the molecules is too small or there are too much polar g roup in dye molecule,both aren't favorable to dyeing. On the other hand,the pre se nce of acetate group seems to be beneficial to increase affinity of dye for PLA fiber,and thus render higher dye up-take.

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    Bacteriostasis of nanosized colloidal silver on nonwovens
    WANG Hong-bo;WANG Jin-yan;WANG Qiang
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (7): 34-36.  
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    The bacteriostasis effect of nonwovens was imparted by treating with the home_made dispersing system of antimicrobial powder.The bacteriostasis effect of the treated nonwovens was tested by inhibition zone method.The relationship between the content of nanosized colloidal silver powder on nonwovens and the effect of bacteriostasis was analyzed,and the suitable range of nanosized colloidal silver content for different materials of nonwovens were determined,i.e.,polypropylene nonwovens 4%~6%(o.w.f);viscose nonwovens 6%~10%(o.w.f);cotton nonwovens 3%~6%(o.w.f).
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    Objective test and evaluation on pressure comfort for brassiere
    WANG Yue-ping;ZHAO Ping;GAO Xu-shan;YANG Jing;WANG Jin-zi
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (11): 90-93.  
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    Clothing pressure comfort is an important part in clothing comfort assessment. The objective measurement and characterization of clothing pressure are essential to the study of pressure comfort. With an ordinary style of brassiere as the target of study, the pressure and pressure distribution of the brassiere under the state of daily wearing were described objectively. The results show that usually clothing pressure is higher at the place where the body has the largest curved surface. So the pressure is higher at the brassiere tape, brassiere support and at the turning point of the back. Clothing pressure varies with wearing habits. Seriously unreasonable clothing pressure will result in stress concentration, which will be harmful to the human health. The study on clothing pressure will provide a useful guidance for apparel structure design, selection of material and manners of wearing of consumers.
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    Determination of perflurooctane sulfonates and pentadecafluorooctanoic acid residues in textiles goods by LC-MS-MS method
    YU Huaiping;LU Lijun;ZHANG Daihui;MU Jun;ZHOU Xiao;LI Aijun;HAN Dachuan;RONG Hui
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (5): 80-83.  
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    The perflurooctane sulfonates(PFOS) and pentadecafluorooctanoic acid(PFOA) in textiles are extracted with touluene and methanol by Accelarated Solvent Extractor(ASE).The extracted liquid was concentrated,purified film filtered,volume specified,and then it was determined by LC-MS-MS.The determination method for PFOS and PFOA in textiles by LC-MS-MS is developed.The detection limit,linear range,and recovery rate of this method,for PFOS,are 1.0μg/kg、3.0-300μg/kg and 82.35%-105.60% respectively;and for PFOA,are 0.5μg/kg、1.5-200μg/kg and 85.17%-107.78% respectively.
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    Grafting acrylamide onto PP nonwoven fabrics by plasma
    TANG Lihua;LI Xin;JIANG Yuan;WANG Rongmin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (12): 27-29.  
    Abstract1162)      PDF(pc) (121KB)(681)       Save
    Polypropylene(PP) melt-blown nonwoven fabric was treated by atmospheric-pressure air plasma,and subsequently the sample was grafted using acrylamide as monomer in 15% acrylamide water solution.Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(ATR-FTIR) confirmed the grafting of polyacrylamide(PAM) onto the surface of the nonwoven sample.Grafting with PAM made the plasma-treated sample durably hydrophilic,its contact angle decreased from 135°(original sample) to 110°and remained unchanged after storage,while the contact angle of untreated sample reverted to 130°.Scanning electron microscopy indicated that plasma treatment had significantly etched the surface of PP fiber and there were projections on the fiber of grafted-sample.
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    AFM analysis and conductivity of nano-structured silver film deposited by magnetron sputtering
    HONG Jian-han;WANG Hong-bo;WEI Qu-fu;GAO Wei-dong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (9): 14-17.  
    Abstract1105)      PDF(pc) (212KB)(623)       Save
    PET spun-bonded nonwoven fabric deposited with nano-structured silver thin film was prepared by magnetron sputtering at room temperature.The effect of technical parameters,such as sputtering power,vacuum pressure,on the morphology and particle diameters of the nano-structured silver thin film was analyzed by AFM(atomic force microscope).The relation between sputtering parameters and the conductivity of the nano-structured silver thin films was also investigated.It showed that the increase in sputtering power resulted in the increase in the dimension of silver particles of the thin film.The best conductivity was achieved at the power of(120 W.) Contrarily, the dimension of silver particle and the conductivity of thin films decreased as argon′s pressure increasing.
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    Preparation of inorganic compound coagulant and its applicationin the treatment of dyeing effluent
    SUI Zhihui;LIU Anjun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (11): 69-72.  
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    A new type of inorganic polymer coagulant polysilicate aluminiumferric (PSAF) was prepared from
    coal gangue and pyrite slag and used as coagulant in the treatment of dyeing effluent , aiming at improving the
    treatment effect of dyeing effluent with coagulant . The experimental results showed that PSAF had a good
    coagulation effect in the treatment of dyeing effluent under the pH value ranging from 6 to 9. The removal rate
    of SS , colority and CODcr was 9411 % , 8816 % and 8112 % respectively under such conditions as room
    temperature , pH value = 712 and dosage of the coagulant 75 mgPL. In comparison with the conventional
    coagulants , such as PAC (polyaluminium chloride) and PFS (polyferric sulfate) , the coagulation performance
    of PSAF is characterized by higher settlement rate , smaller sludge volume , lower remains of pollutants in the
    treated dyeing effluent and lower cost of treatment
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    Twist distribution of ring spun slub yarn and its influence on the yarn strength
    LU Yu-zheng;GAO Wei-dong;XIE Chun_ping
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (7): 16-18.  
    Abstract1335)      PDF(pc) (123KB)(556)       Save
    A mathematical model of twisting torsion of the slub yarn has been developed through the pole torsion model based on the distribution of the torsional stress on the ring-spun slub yarn during twisting.The influence of four parameters(basic yarn diameter,slub diameter,slub space and slub length)on the distribution of twist was analyzed using this model.The results showed that the twist of the slub is always less than the designed,which is chiefly influenced by the ratio of the slub diameter to the basic yarn diameter,and increase of the ratio will decrease the twist;while the twist of basic yarn is always more than the designed,which is mainly influenced by the ratio of the slub length to the slub space,the increase of the ratio will increase the twist.The effect of the distribution of twist on the yarn strength was also analyzed,and verification experiment was performed.In general,the strength of the yarn is influenced more by the increased fiber quantity in the yarn than by the decrease of the slub twist.Therefore,the strength of the slub is higher than that of the basic yarn. The strength of the whole slub yarn is very close to that of the common yarn with the same twist as the basic yarn.
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    Innovative principle and method of colorless digital jacquard fabric design
    ZHOU Jiu;Frankie Ng
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (4): 1-5.  
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    The research on innovative design of digital jacquard fabrics can be divided into two parts according to the design theory of digital image.This paper made an in-depth analysis of the innovative principle and method of design of colorless digital jacquard fabrics,presented the computer color design principle of achromatic color and the method for setting up of the corresponding holographic digital database of fabric weaves.Starting from the jacquard fabric with single-layer structure,the fabric structure design is separated from fabric color effect design,and the matching and substitution of the gray of digital image with that in the database of fabric weaves are completed automatically through CAD system according to different brightness,thus realizing automatic designing of the fabric structure.This innovative principle and method can meet the technical requirements of artificial intelligent design of the achromatic jacquard fabric and provide a basis for creating a new concept of colorful digital jacquard design.
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    Clothing fashion color image scale grey forecast
    WU Zhiming;LI Yi
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2009, 30 (04): 94-100.  
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    In nowadays, when people mention fashion color, it is as good as mentioning fashion trends. It get more and more important in the eyes of comsumers and garment makers and distributors. Therefore, it is very important to conduct exact forecast of “fashion color”. Having studied the theory of color science and NCD color image scale as well as the close relationship between them, we try to give a fashion color forecast based on the analysis of the fashion color data aveilable from aspects of abstract and imaginary thinking. We have collected the statistic data on the fashion color “blue” of 2000-2007 spring and summer women’s wear and the appraise value of its fashable extent, the color brightness, purity etc. and built a GM (1,1) model to predict the fashionable extent and shade tendency of blue color in the future.
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    Study on constructing the 3D yarn model by B-spline surface (part Ⅱ):inserting 3D bumping texture on the surface of the yarn
    ZHENG Tian-yong;CUI Shi-zhong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (3): 24-26.  
    Abstract1091)      PDF(pc) (118KB)(585)       Save
    Having constructed a single yarn with different cross sections 3D model,a concave-convex type turbulence is exerted randomly on the cross sections while rotating the sections along the radial direction of the yarn so that a wave-like twist effect is generated on the yarn.This is equivalent to the 3D bumping texture being inserted on the surface of the yarn,improving the vividness of the simulated yarns,especially to the yarn with a nearly round cross section.
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    Comparison of serviceability of the bamboo fiber fabric and the ramie fabric
    LI Yan;XU Hai-lin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (11): 79-81.  
    Abstract1112)      PDF(pc) (93KB)(452)       Save
    The surface of bamboo fiber fabric is very similar to that of ramie fabric. To better identify these two kinds of fabric and promote the application of bamboo fiber which is a new kind of raw material for textile, a comparative study of the serviceability of the bamboo fiber fabric and ramie fabric of the same specifications is undertaken and the results are analyzed. The findings reveal that in general, the serviceability of these two kinds of fabric is rather similar. However, the bamboo fiber fabric is advantageous over the ramie fabric in comfortability and crease resistance but not as durable as the ramie fabric.
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    Characterization and analysis of three-dimensional flow field in compact spinning with lattice apron
    ZOU Zhuanyong;WANG Yan;YU Jianyong;ZHU Yunde;WU Jianming;CHENG Longdi
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2009, 30 (06): 24-28.  
    Abstract1043)      PDF(pc) (728KB)(377)       Save
    A computational fluid dynamic model was established and was computerized with parallel technologies & standard κ-ε turbulent model for simulating and characterizing the flow field in convergence zone of compact spinning with lattice apron. Flowing states of airflow in convergence zone were characterized such as the distribution rules of static pressure and velocity, and their effect on fiber bundle in inlet curved surface of suction slot were analyzed. The results show that the converging airflow is generated by negative pressure effects in compact spinning with lattice apron; the negative pressure effects in inlet curved surface of suction slot sunken the lattice apron into special pipe; effect of component velocities (X axial velocity, Y axial velocity and Z axial velocity) on fiber bundle is different; additional twists are generated mainly in near S1 part of the suction slot.
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    Application of ultrasonic technology in the dyeing of hemp fabrics
    GAO Shu-zhen
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (4): 95-97.  
    Abstract1066)      PDF(pc) (97KB)(428)       Save
    In order to open up the application field of ultrasonic technology in textile dyeing,an applied study of ultrasonic dyeing of the hemp fabric with vat dyes was carried out.The results show that compared with the conventional dyeing process,ultrasonic dyeing technology can improve the abrasion fastness of the dyed fabric significantly,enhance dye up-take with the amount of dyes lessened and environment-pollution reduced,increase the diffusion coefficient,thus reducing the activated energy of dyeing,saving energy and raising productivity. Ultrasonic technology makes it possible the low temperature dyeing of the hemp fabric with vat dyes in a shortened process.
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    Study on polymerization of acrylic modified polyurethane soap-free emulsion
    YANG Jian-jun;WU Qing-yun;ZHANG Jian-an;WU Ming-yuan;ZHEN Hai-ting;WANG Gui-qin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (1): 38-41.  
    Abstract914)      PDF(pc) (112KB)(885)       Save
    An aqueous polyurethane-polyacrylate hybrid emulsion was prepared by soap-free emulsion polymerization of aqueous polyurethane emulsion with C C double bond modified with acrylic monomer through grafting copolymerization.The morphology and properties of composite particles of the prepared emulsion were studied with IR and TEM etc.The influences of reaction temperature,amount of initiator and agitating rate on grafting copolymerization were investigated.Compared with the unmodified polyurethane emulsion,the particle size of the prepared emulsion became larger significantly and its tensile strength,resistance to water and solvent were remarkably improved.
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    Bacteria resistant property of hemp fiber and its anti-bacterial mechanism
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (6): 12-15.  
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    This study tests the bacterial resistance of hemp fiber and analyzes its anti-bacterial mechanism through the morphological structure and chemical composition of the fiber.The results indicate that the anaerobic bacteria cant′ survive in the inside of hemp fiber where exist a large specific surface-area,lots of holes and voids,and much oxygen.Hemp fiber contains a lot of phenols and their derivatives which are effective natural bacteria resistant materials and can inhibit the metabolism and physiology of fungi and other microorganism,break the structure of germ,and repress the generation of fungi until the death of germ.Moreover,the existence of a small amount of cannabinol is adequate to kill the fungi microorganism.
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    Thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers and their application
    HU Jin-lian;FAN Hao-jun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (6): 122-129.  
    Abstract1104)      PDF(pc) (341KB)(1701)       Save
    Shape memory polymers(SMPs)here refer to themal-sensititve polymers with the ability to sense and respond to extemal stimuli in a predetermined shape.Some polymers such as polyurethane,co-polymer of Styrene and Butadiene,1,4-polyisoprene,crosslinked PE,etc.were found to have shape memory recovery ability.As compared with shape memory alloy,thermal-sensitive shape memeory polymers have low density,low cost,high shape recovery,are easy to dye,to shape and to be stimulated under expected switch temperature.Especially with polyurethane,the structure-property relationships are extremely diverse and controllable and the shape recovery temperature can be set in a wide range from-30℃ to 70℃.So they have found a wide spectrum of applications in such fields as biomedical,textile and garment,toy,packaging and military industries.Smart textiles are highly appreciated by customers for the multifunctions such as wrinkle-free,easy-care,water-proof,moisture vapor permeable(breathable),warmth retention,shape memeory,and automatic control to keep the wearer cooler or wamer.These products include outdoor garments,sportswear,sleeping bags,tent,bandage,brassiere,bellyband and military combat wear.A review is made of the thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers with focuses on the structural features,shape memory mechanism,along with their potential applications in textile,biomedical,and national defense industries.
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    Relationship between fabric′s wrinkle recovery angle and its physical and mechanical property
    ZHANG Xiaoting;GAO Weidong;LU Yuzheng
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (6): 29-31.  
    Abstract1273)      PDF(pc) (808KB)(544)       Save
    Wrinkle recovery angle is the most important evaluating indicator of fabric′s anti-wrinkle performance.But many problems such as heavy workload,low measurement accuracy and unstable measurement data are associated with the wrinkle recovery angle measurement.In this paper,the physical and mechanical parameters such as bending rigidity,bending hysteresis moment,tension work and thickness of fabric are measured with KES-F instruments,and the wrinkle recovery angle is measured with SDL-M003A according to the standard AATCC 66—2003.On this basis,linear regression equation with physical and mechanical parameters and wrinkle recovery angle is established.The checking results between actual measuring value and calculating value show that the absolute error is smaller than 3° and the relatively error is less than 5%,which indicate the regression equation has better application value.
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    Impact of the fabric performance on the rule of looseness of lapel collar
    YANG Xiaomin;WU Zhiming
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (3): 84-87.  
    Abstract1172)      PDF(pc) (118KB)(494)       Save
    Designing the looseness of a lapel collar is not an easy work.In this research,the impact of the fabric performance on the rule of looseness of lapel collar is studied.Six kinds of fabrics commonly used for suits are chosen,and 16 mechanical properties of them are tested by KES-FB system respectively.Principal component analysis of the data obtained is conducted by SAS software,minimizing the variables from 16 to 3,i.e.,tensile recovery(RT),compressive resiliency(RC) and weight per unit area(W) of the fabric.Then,5 kinds of lapel collars are made with 6 kinds of fabrics.The length of the collar stand is(2.5 cm) without exception,while the width of the top collar is in the order 3.5,4.5,5.5,6.5,7.5 cm,and the relevant difference of top collar and collar stand width(H) is 1,2,3,4,5 cm.The suitable looseness is found out for each collar.Finally,the correlation of RT,RC,W,H and the looseness is investigated by regression analysis with SAS software,and some quantitative relationship is found.
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    Development of data acquisition and management system of warping machine based on Distributed Control System mode
    LI Yonggang;SHAO Jingfeng;ZHANG Huiwei;QIN Lanshuang
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2010, 31 (12): 128-133.  
    Abstract916)      PDF(pc) (347KB)(421)       Save

    To improve work efficiency of the preparation workshop in the textile industry, and to ensure acquisition of correct and real-time output and quality data of warping frames, in the local area network (LAN) environment, a data acquisition and management system for warping frames was developed via network technology, communication technology, database technology, and computer control technology, which can realize the remote on-line monitoring of production data and machine operating status. The system architecture, working principle and the main management functions were introduced, and the technical problems during the design process were solved by using transaction machinery, STL technology, etc. Meanwhile, real-time production data were fitted through using software filtering algorithms, and then the fitting results were compared and analyzed. A smoothing method with Newton difference was put forward to the collected signal. The system has been used in the textile industry, its core functions met the requirements of production management of the preparation workshop, furthermore, the real-time and correctness of production data were ensured.

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    Study on the control system of the automatic flat knitting machine based on embedded ARM
    Lü Jian-fei;FU Jian-zhong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (6): 101-103.  
    Abstract1116)      PDF(pc) (128KB)(574)       Save
    This paper discussed the working principle of the flat knitting machine and the operational requirements of each component during knitting.A 32-bit ARM microprocessor and groups of MCU were suggested as the main control unit and hypotaxis control respectively,and the coordinated working of them were effected by the parallel data bus and address bus,thereby realizing fully automatic control of the knitting machine.The key technologies of the auto knitting machine control system under development were presented.
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    Dyeing behavior of natural Flos Sophorae buds dyes and its dyeing process for wool fabrics
    HOU Xiuliang;ZHOU Qicheng;ZHANG Xinlong;WANG Lu;JIA Shunhua;HU Xiaofeng;WANG Shanyuan
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (8): 58-62.  
    Abstract1160)      PDF(pc) (138KB)(614)       Save
    For commercial application of Flos Sophorae buds dyes(FSBD),its chemical composition and resistance to heat,acid and alkali were tested,and the effects of dyeing processes such as temperature,pH value,the dosage(o.w.f) of aluminum mordant and FSBD on the result of the dyed wool fabric were investigated.The anti-microbial activity of the dyed wool fabric with FSBD was tested also.The experimental results showed: the FSBD powder,which has high purity and good stability properties to heat and acid,can be produced by the simple and low-cost method;the yellow wool fabric with brilliant shade and good color fastnesses can be obtained by the optimized pre-mordant dyeing process with aluminum;the dyed wool fabric has bactericidal property against staphylococcus aureus and inhibitory effect against bacillus coli and Candida albicans.
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    Acoustic emission analysis of the flexural and tensile properties of 3-D braided composite materials
    WAN Zhenkai
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (4): 52-55.  
    Abstract818)      PDF(pc) (137KB)(433)       Save
    This paper discusses the application and experimental method of acoustic emission(AE) for characterizing 3-D braided composite material under tensile and flexural fatigue loading.It describes the features of acoustic emission when applied to 3-D braided composite material under tensile and flexural fatigue loading.The results of tension experiment show the stress-strain curve exhibits linear relation for 3-D braided composite material with smaller surface braided angle and the tensile failure presents brittleness feature.When the surface braided angle is bigger,the stress-strain curve shows bilinear relation and tensile failure presents brittleness damage,respectively.The results of flexural experiment show load-deflection curve is linear relation for 3-D braided composite material with smaller surface braided angle,while the load-deflection curve is non-linear relation with bigger surface braided angle.
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    Research and development of energy storage and temperature regulating fibers and textiles
    JIANG Mengjin;XU Jianjun;YE Guangdou;LI Shouqun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (3): 124-128.  
    Abstract933)      PDF(pc) (121KB)(631)       Save
    This paper reviews the recent developments of energy storage and temperature regulating fibers and textiles both at home and abroad including the principle of temperature regulation and energy storage with phase change materials and the characteristics of various kinds phase change materials.The principles of choosing phase change materials for fibers are expatiated.The methods of compounding them with fiber or textiles,such as composite spinning,hollow fiber filling,textile coating and micro-encapsulation,are exemplified and compared.The future prospects for phase change materials in fibers or textiles are anticipated.
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    Review and analysis of pressure comfort of garment
    YIN Ling;ZHANG Wenbin;XIA Lei
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (3): 137-142.  
    Abstract949)      PDF(pc) (1491KB)(640)       Save
    The progress of study on pressure comfort of garment is divided into three chronological phases,which respectively are early study(from 1930′s to 1970′s),medium-term study(from 1980′s to 1990′s)and current study(from 2000′s to now).The paper reviewed hot studies of each phase and analyzed existing defects and advised possible solutions.In conclusion,the paper suggested several ideas and new trends,one was to associate the microstructure of fabric,human skin and soft tissue with their macro-performance,and another was to establish a system which can forecast pressure comfort of garment based on dynamic mechanical interactions between human body and garment while considering the human′s physiological and psychological factors,and the final was to build an integrated system which can forecast the human′s whole sensation comfort.
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    In-situ growth of anatase nano-TiO_2 on cotton fabric and its UV screening property
    WANG Mingyong;MAO Zhiping;LI Rui
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (2): 71-75.  
    Abstract985)      PDF(pc) (141KB)(535)       Save
    The white cotton poplin was applied with TiO_2-SiO_2 sol by double-dipdouble-nip method at room temperature,followed by hot water(98~(100 ℃))treatment for 20 min,and then air-dried.The testing of UV transmittance and ultraviolet protection factor(UPF) of the treated fabric showed that its UV screening property improved significantly.The SEM,AFM and XRD were used to characterize the TiO_2 on the cotton fabric.It was observed that the size of anatase TiO_2 on the cotton fabric was about 30 nm.The standard test to washing showed that the nano TiO_2 in-situ growth on the cotton fabric had excellent fastness to washing, and after 10 washing cycles its UV screening property even enhanced instead of decreasing.
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    Effect of high temperature degumming of hemp on its composition and structure
    YU Chun-hua;FENG Xin-xing;JIA Chang-lan;CHEN Jian-yong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (10): 80-83.  
    Abstract986)      PDF(pc) (171KB)(619)       Save
    The technique of high temperature degumming of hemp was researched,and the effect of temperature and concentration of alkali on the composition and structure of hemp was discussed.Scanning electron microscope(SEM),Fourier-Transform-Infrared(FT-IR) and wide angle X-ray scattering(WAXS) were used to characterize the morphology and structure of aggregating state of hemp before and after high temperature degumming.The experiment results demonstrated that after high temperature degumming the contents of hemicellulose and lignin of the hemp have reduced by 79.1% and 83.5% respectively.The crystallinity of treated hemp is raised,which is related to the treatment temperature and concentration of alkali.
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    Synthesis and application of modified organosilicon softener
    ZHANG Hong;XIAO Wen-fa
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (10): 63-66.  
    Abstract1071)      PDF(pc) (110KB)(609)       Save
    Hydroxysilicone oil was emulsified and polymerized with silicone coupling agent carrying with a amino-group and polyether-group under certain conditions.The influences of reaction temperature and time and the dosage of catalyst on the viscosity and yellowing of the product were studied and the optimum conditions of synthesis reaction were determined by orthogonal experiment method.Moreover,a comparative analysis of this modified softener and the products of the same kind both at home and abroad in terms of handle,whiteness,tearing strength and anti-crease properties was conducted.The results showed that the fabric treated with this modified softener has excellent hand feeling and good whiteness (81.3%),and its tearing strength increased by 22% and the crease recovery angle raised by 9% as compared with the fabrics treated with ordinary softeners.
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    Effect of premordanting on dyeing properties of cotton fabrics dyed with natural dyes
    CAO Hongmei;CHENG Wanli
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (12): 53-56.  
    Abstract1054)      PDF(pc) (1001KB)(550)       Save
    To study the mordant dyeing mechanism with metallic ion mordant agents when dyeing is carried out with natural dyes,mordants containing metal ions such as titanium,iron,aluminum and zinc was applied onto the cotton fabric before it was dyed with natural dye — carminic acid.The dye-uptake,shade,and brightness of the dyed cotton fabric varied with different mordants and they exhibited certain changes when compared with non-premordanting counterpart.Mordant dyeing rendered the fabric better fastness and made the mechanical properties change;apparatus analysis showed that after mordanting with metallic ions,the surface of fabric is eroded slightly and the fixture can be seen apparently on the surface of fabric treated with Ti ion;the coordination reaction between metallic ions and coordination group on the fiber mainly acts on the amorphous area of fabric.
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    Composite of phase change materials and automatic temperature conditioning textiles made thereof
    LI Hua;MA Xiaoguang;ZHANG Xiaolin;XIA Shaobai;TANG Zhuxian
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (1): 68-72.  
    Abstract1131)      PDF(pc) (220KB)(497)       Save
    For further exploiting the application area of phase change material (PCM) and increasing it added-value,the research on the composite and thermal properties of two kinds of phase change materials was undertaken to develop an advanced intelligent textiles with temperature conditioning function.By comparing academic calculation with practical measurement,the optimum composite proportion of the materials was selected.And then the composite phase change material was applied onto the fabric by coating with the purpose of manufacturing the temperature conditioning textiles.The influence of the coating weight,curing and baking temperature,and washing on the temperature conditioning property of the fabric was discussed,and the thermal property of the treated fabric was also tested.The results demonstrated that the fabric coated by composite phase change material had appropriate phase change temperature,higher enthalpy,and good temperature conditioning function.
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    Fabric blemish detection based on attributed relational histogram
    Fabric blemish detection based on attributed relational histogram
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (2): 121-123.  
    Abstract916)      PDF(pc) (185KB)(845)       Save
    Based on linear feature texture of fabric,achieved statistic histogram can abstract fabric characteristics perfectly.These feature waves show reliable and stable during numerous tests.With comparing wave features,abrupt or abnormal changes can be located precisely and fabric defects can be picked out correctly.To simplify identification,threshold filter should be introducd to overpass general wave and record abnormal status.Discrimination of various and complex defects can form a simple by filtering general unique texture.
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    Glycolysis of recycled polyester f ibers using ethylene glycol ( Ⅰ) :glycolysis technique
    LI Yonggui;LI Zhunzhun;NAI Youbing;GE Mingqiao
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (11): 21-24.  
    Abstract2564)            Save
    In order to reduce the pollution produced by polyester fiber wastes and promote resource recycling ,
    the recycled polyester fiber was depolymerized through glycolysis using excessive ethylene glycol under a
    nitrogen atmosphere in the presence of metal acetate (Zn (AC) 2·2H2O) as a catalyst . Glycolysis product was
    purified. It was found that the conversion rate of glycolysis is mainly influenced by reaction temperature and
    time , and amount of catalyst . The preferable conversion rate (96. 65 %) can be obtained with 0. 2 % catalyst
    (on weight of PET fiber) at 196 ℃for 2 h. The study reveals that the glycolysis of recycled polyester fiber is
    a good method with practicality.
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    Compressibility of kapok wadding
    LOU Ying;WANG Fumei;LIU Wei
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (1): 10-13.  
    Abstract1045)      PDF(pc) (126KB)(510)       Save
    The application of traditional kapok wadding is limited to a narrow scope due to its weakness of intensity,duration of compression and recovery,so a patented technology to improve its performance was developed.In this paper, we tested the compressibility of kapok wadding produced with traditional method and that by patented technology,and analyzed the differences between new types of kapok wadding mixed with different chemical fibers.The results indicated that the resilience of kapok wadding containing chemical fibers is obviously improved though its initial bulkiness is smaller than that of pure chemical wadding and pliability is not comparable to that of pure kapok wadding.
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    Evaluation of preoxidation extent of polyacrylonitrile fibers
    WEN Yuefang;LI Hui;CAO Xia;GUO Jianqiang;YANG Yonggang;LIU Lang
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2008, 29 (12): 1-5.  
    Abstract1234)      PDF(pc) (459KB)(543)       Save
    The aromatization index(AI),cyclization index(CI),relative cyclization index(RCI) and density of PAN fibers were studied by X-ray diffraction(XRD),differential scanning calorimetry(DSC),Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FT-IR) and thermogravimetry coupled with mass spectroscopy(TG-MS).The veracity and applicability of the four evaluation methods on preoxidation extent of PAN fibers were also compared.The results showed that CI and RCI were more suitable to evaluate the preoxidation extent at initial stage of preoxidation process,while AI was suitable at middle and later stage.Density could be used to evaluate the preoxidation extent at the whole preoxidation process.
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