•  Guidelines for Authors

    1. Please read our guidelines and the manuscript template in download section carefully before submission, and adjust the manuscript as request.
    2. The manuscript must be submitted on 'Online Submission' by corresponding author. All information relates to the manuscript will only be sent to the corresponding author.
    If you are a new user, please register firstly, then login and submit your manuscript. If you already have one account in the system and forget the user name and password, please contact the editorial office (, so as to avoid repeat registration.
    All registered authors can login 'Manuscript Tracking' to query the article’s progress.
    3. If there is a special character in manuscript title, you can click the 'select special characters' on the webpage.
    4. If the manuscript is written by multi author, you must click 'add author' and fill in all the authors’ information (*starred items are required). All the information cannot be changed after formal submission.
    5. Please select “subject type”, 'professional type', 'creative type', 'submission column', 'fund type' in the drop-down box. If there’s no content in the drop-down box, then skip it.
    6. Please enter the corresponding key words in both English and Chinese, and click 'add' to add it into the key words box. If there are multiple keywords, please add them one by one.
    7. Please provide (recommended) the list of reviewers you want to avoid and suggest for reference.
    8. We only accept Word format file, please make sure the file does not carry virus. Click 'upload' to upload files, and then click 'next' to submit.
    9. After submitted successfully, the manuscript will be listed in 'new submission'. You can login 'Manuscript Tracking' to query your article’s progress.
    10. Manuscripts shown in the draft box have not been formally submitted. You are able to continue to edit and submit.
    11. You can login 'Online Submission' or 'Manuscript Tracking' to modify personal information and password. If your contact information has changed, please login and update timely.
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