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    The mechanism of polyester PET degradationed by glycerol
    YU Tian-Shi, YU Jie, GE Ming-Qiao
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2012, 33 (1): 11-14.  
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    In this paper, we studied the degradation mechanism of the waste polyester (PET) degradated in glycerol. We used Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) ,Ultraviolet(UV), Mass (MS) , High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and (TGA) to analyze the characterization of the degradated product. Firstly, the structures of the degradated product wase got by FT-IR and UV; then we got the molecular structure and molecular weight through Mass; what’s more, we analyzed the degradation product quantitatively with HPLC, at the same time, we combined the TGA analysis to determine the pure of the alcoholysis product, finally, we got the epoxy value through the method of hydrochloric acid-acetone. Synthesize the five analysis, we got the degradation mechanism, and the epoxy value was 0.259.
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    Advances in dyeing and printing wastewater treatment technologies
    LIU Meihong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (1): 116-119.  
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    This paper introduces the current status and developments of the typical treatment technologies of dyeing and printing wastewater(DPW),including physical-chemical,chemical,and microbial processes with focuses on the mechanism,result of treatment,and merits and drawbacks of each process.According to the characteristics of the dyeing and printing wastewater,thorough treatment of the wastewater can be accomplished through the hybrid of different processes.The hybrid method based on microbial process has gradually become the main technology for the treatment of the dyeing and printing wastewater.
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    Release of silver ions and the antimicrobial properties of the wound dressings
    QIN Yimin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (1): 120-123.  
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    In order to determine the amount and speed of silver ion release from different silver-contained wound dressings,this paper analyzed the silver release properties of several silver-contained dressings.Three antimicrobial test methods were described and the antimicrobial performances of various silver products were summarized.Results showed that different types of wounds require different amounts of silver ions.Burn wounds are easy to be infected,so they require a large amount of silver from the dressing in order to maintain a higher silver concentration on the wound.With highly absorbent wound dressings,bacteria and exudates are absorbed into the dressing at the same time,thus only a small amount of silver released from the dressing would be effective in achieving antimicrobial effect.
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    Prediction of skin injury degree based on modified model of heat transfer in three-layered thermal protective clothing
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2018, 39 (01): 111-118.   DOI: 10.13475/j.fzxb.20170400709
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    Time prediction of burn injury was performed anming at lasting fire exposure, and the performance of the parameters of thermal protective clothing was investigated.The modeling and simulation method was used to predict the longest safety work time for the burn different degree. Firstly, for three-layer fabric materials (composed of an outer shell, a moisture barrier and a thermal liner), body skin and the air gap between the clothing and the skin, an improved heat transfer model together with boudary/initial conditions was presented in high temperature environments. Secondly, the presented model was applied to calculate the temperature on the fixed contact surface changing with time, and the numerical results were compared with the existing model under the same condition to verify the credibility of the model. Finally, the developed model was also used to predict the critical time to first-/second-/third-degree burn injury and to analysize the influence of air gap and textile thickness on the performance of thermal protective clothing. It is found that during the flash fire condition, the firefighters only have a dizen seconds to escape even wearing protective clothing, and the thichness of the air gap and the fabric play a significent influence of the performance of the clothing.

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    Thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers and their application
    HU Jin-lian;FAN Hao-jun
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2005, 26 (6): 122-129.  
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    Shape memory polymers(SMPs)here refer to themal-sensititve polymers with the ability to sense and respond to extemal stimuli in a predetermined shape.Some polymers such as polyurethane,co-polymer of Styrene and Butadiene,1,4-polyisoprene,crosslinked PE,etc.were found to have shape memory recovery ability.As compared with shape memory alloy,thermal-sensitive shape memeory polymers have low density,low cost,high shape recovery,are easy to dye,to shape and to be stimulated under expected switch temperature.Especially with polyurethane,the structure-property relationships are extremely diverse and controllable and the shape recovery temperature can be set in a wide range from-30℃ to 70℃.So they have found a wide spectrum of applications in such fields as biomedical,textile and garment,toy,packaging and military industries.Smart textiles are highly appreciated by customers for the multifunctions such as wrinkle-free,easy-care,water-proof,moisture vapor permeable(breathable),warmth retention,shape memeory,and automatic control to keep the wearer cooler or wamer.These products include outdoor garments,sportswear,sleeping bags,tent,bandage,brassiere,bellyband and military combat wear.A review is made of the thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers with focuses on the structural features,shape memory mechanism,along with their potential applications in textile,biomedical,and national defense industries.
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    The establishment of mathematical model base on over-turned collar Concave structure
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2011, 32 (10): 104-0.  
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    In order to make the lapel and collar band brought fold accurate, simple structure, even the lapel fold freely, keep attractive appearance, this study through direct drawing method, according to Japanese culture bodice prototype for garment body, using different bust, different collar band and collar concave, draft turndown collar. It make 96 pieces collar sample, try on the standards body mold, confirm the center point of collar, measure lapel and collar band, then analyse change rules of lapel structure, carry out correlation analysis and regression analysis, establish of mathematical model of over-turned collar Concave structure. It will realize lapel structure scientific and simple. It will provide pattern experience for technical personnel, and provide basic structure for intelligent CAD pattern system.
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    Evolution of Chinese knot
    LI Lixin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (11): 115-118.  
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    In studying the decoration artistic form of our national traditional cultureChinese knot,the traditional knot technique,we divide the evolution history of Chinese knot into two stagesancient times to Republic of China and modern times and investigate the cultural and artistic value of the Chinese knot for apparel and adornment in different historical stages.Its expression forms and characteristics in traditional and modern clothing including adornments and accessories are highlighted.It points out clearly that the Chinese knot is unique decorative element inherent in the Chinese traditional culture,having extraordinary nationality feature in decorating the clothing and its application.Supposedly,we can get some inspirations from it for the modern clothing design and product development.
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    Progress of study on pressure comfort of clothing
    MENG Xiang-ling;ZHANG Wei-yuan
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (7): 109-112.  
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    Clothing comfort involves three potential independent factors,i.e.,thermal & moisture comfort,tactile comfort and pressure comfort.Being a component of the entire comfort of clothing,pressure comfort plays a positive effect. From the medicinal viewpoint,it is obvious that excessive clothing pressure will be harmful to human′s health.So,fabric and clothing should be so designed that they satisfy the needs of man′s fundamental action.The study on pressure comfort of clothing is a relative new field.This paper discusses the research scope of clothing pressure comfort,the principle of clothing pressure formation and the relationship between fitting and clothing comfort.Furthermore,it describes the subjective and objective methods of evaluating the garment pressure comfort,and the progress of research on this area at home and broad.The significance and foreground of this research topic are also analyzed.
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    Study on the golden section and clothing construction
    WEI Jing;OU Li
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (5): 49-52.  
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    This paper tried to expound the golden section proportion,golden rectangle,square root composition and their correlation from the vision principle of geometry form,explained the aesthetic attribute of the golden section,and investigated the inner link between golden section and clothing construction.Through analyzing and verification of the experimental data of the basic size system of the prototype of women′s blouse,it is shown that the golden section proportion exists in each part of the human body and inner structure of the clothing and that square root rectangle finds application in the clothing construction more widely.At the same time,how to utilize aesthetic attribute of golden section effectively in clothing design and how to master better the coordinated proportion of parts of clothing,this study has provided a reference.
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    Charge characteristics and stability of non-woven polypropylene fabric electrets
    CHEN Gangjin;XIAO Huiming;WANG Yaoxiang
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (9): 125-128.  
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    The updated research on charge characteristics and stability of non-woven polypropylene fabrics was reviewed,and the charge characteristics and stability of non-woven polypropylene fabrics were analyzed in combination with the basic rules of charge storage stability of polymer electrets and the chemical and web structure of non-woven polypropylene fabrics.It points out that the charge storage of non-woven polypropylene fabric electrets mainly comes from the charge trapping at crystallites and interface polarization between crystallites or between crystallites and non-crystallites when current flows through the medium.Suggestion is given as how to improve the charge storage stability of non-woven polypropylene fabrics electrets used as air filter material.
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    Analyzing the implied meaning in embroidered patterns on the folk garment in the viewpoint of a folklorist
    CUI Rong-rong;GAO Wei-dong
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (5): 101-103.  
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    Based on traditional folk embroidered garments and ornaments in the Folk Garments Biography House of Southern Yangtze University, on traditional folk garment patterns,especially the theme and decorative section of embroidered patterns was researched.Combining Chinese traditional folk culture and decorative art of forelore craft,it analyzes their specific culture and the meaning of symbols,which include the symbol of beauty,celebration,blessing,the totem of a tribe,sustenance of folk religious doctrine and so on.Its themes express the beautiful wishes the ancient people yearn for and pursue,reflect the charm and elegance of traditional folk garments,and embody the wisdom and exquisite craftsmanship of the ancient folk women.
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    Influence of Chinese traditional costume culture on European fashion brands
    NI Jie-cheng;QIAN Xin
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (7): 44-47.  
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    The influence of Chinese traditional costume culture on European fashion brands was discussed.The feature of Chinese traditional costume culture,especially,QiPao in Qing Dynasty were introduced from style,color,material and pattern.The correlation of European fashion brands and various culture including native and foreign culture were analyzed.Proofs of the influence of Chinese traditional costume culture on European fashion brands in terms of outlines,colors and patterns,as well as particularities via analysis of the styles of brands of Yves Saint Laurent,Pierre Cardin,D&G,Valentino were found.Finally,this paper points out that while paying attention to foreign fashion elements,Chinese fashion designer should actively seek the native cultural elements and national traits to create our own brand.
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    Bacteria resistant property of hemp fiber and its anti-bacterial mechanism
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (6): 12-15.  
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    This study tests the bacterial resistance of hemp fiber and analyzes its anti-bacterial mechanism through the morphological structure and chemical composition of the fiber.The results indicate that the anaerobic bacteria cant′ survive in the inside of hemp fiber where exist a large specific surface-area,lots of holes and voids,and much oxygen.Hemp fiber contains a lot of phenols and their derivatives which are effective natural bacteria resistant materials and can inhibit the metabolism and physiology of fungi and other microorganism,break the structure of germ,and repress the generation of fungi until the death of germ.Moreover,the existence of a small amount of cannabinol is adequate to kill the fungi microorganism.
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    Comparison of hypsometry and goniometry in contact angle measurement
    DU Wenqin;WU Yingzhu
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (7): 29-32.  
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    It is more precise to characterize the repellency of the fabric by contact angle.The method of measuring the contact angles between a droplet and fabric is one of the most commonly methods,whereas hypsometry and goniometry are most commonly used methods in the measurement of an angle.It is found through actual tests that these two methods results in larger measurement error,and its cause remains unknown yet.In this paper,the principle and error of these two methods were analyzed and compared theoretically.Meanwhile,the measurement error of contact angles caused by the measurement error of droplet height,the bottom diameter of droplet and the turning error of protractor were discussed.Verification experiments were performed and the results obtained are coincident with the theory.Finally,hypsometry is proved to be more precise,faster and more convenient.
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    Application prospect of nanofibers
    ZHONG Zhi-li;WANG Xun-gai
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (1): 107-110.  
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    New manufacturing techniques of nanofibers and the prospect of applications of typical nanofibers are reviewed.It points out that textile nanofiber,solid-core carbon nanofiber,biodegradable nanofiber,and conductive hybrid nanofibers of polymers can be manufactured by the electrostatic spinning process,and their diameters are dependent on the spinning technological parameters.Electrostatic spinning is the most important way of making nanofibers and most hopeful for realizing the commercial production of nanofibers.
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    Relationship between garment pressure and human body comfortableness
    SONG Xiao-xia;FENG Xun-wei
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2006, 27 (3): 103-105.  
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    An overview of garment pressure addressed the relationship between garment pressure and human body comfortableness,the theoretical basis on garment pressure and previous study,introduction of studies which made great contributions in this scientific field and measurement of garment pressure.How to build up 3D dynamic garment pressure distribution model using numeric simulating method is explicated.
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    Inheritance and development of Nuchen Nationality′s clothing culture from Jin Dynasty
    GU Yunfen;YANG Shuxiu;ZENG Hui
    JOURNAL OF TEXTILE RESEARCH    2007, 28 (11): 119-123.  
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    Since ancient times in our country all the minority nationality communities evolved from the same history,and influenced each other when living in groups,consequently,a distinctly regional and steadily inheritable national clothing culture feature was formed.This paper tries to compare the clothing and accessories excavated from Qi King′s grave of Jin Dynasty with those of Southern Song Dynasty at the same period and starting from the difference between national clothing cultures,discusses the characteristics of inheritable clothing culture in Nuchen Nationality of Jin Dynasty respectively in terms of the classification of function,custom and fashion with emphasis on the factors influencing the inheritable development of national culture,including naturally ecological environment,living conditions in groups and cultural ideology.
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